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Trust your intuition and success will follow

Tracy Gandu

Transformation Coach, combining the latest neuroscience and coaching tools.

Years ago working hard meant getting results, through a high volume of work and responding to demands quickly. 

I was progressing fast up the corporate career ladder and like many people did and still do, I wore the tag of ‘work-a-holic’ like a badge of honour. Until the cracks started to show and, suffering from a lack of sleep, I started to show signs of burn out – I hit a parked car whilst parking.

It wasn’t long before my career satisfaction had come full circle - I found myself exhausted and hating my job.

Eventually I broke down at work, tearfully telling my boss that I couldn’t do it anymore.  The shame and hopelessness I felt that day was awful. 

Shame because nothing particularly bad had happened to me, I had a good life and nothing to complain about, and hopelessness because I was miserable and exhausted and didn’t want to leave a job that afforded me my financial independence.

Like many people, I believed that hardly anyone loves their job, and I was no different. So I told myself I just needed to suck it up and get on with it.

But I kept wondering, how did I get here?  Why was I feeling this way? I knew then that something had to change. I was forced to evaluate my life, and I had to do something before I had a nervous breakdown or worse. 

That was when I became open to personal development and began my search for answers out there.  I started reading masses of ‘self-help’ books and began to make changes in my life.

I learned many things from these books, like devising creative ways to make things interesting so I’m more likely to do them; how some of the most successful people in the world found harmony in their lives; how to create habits that served my happiness and well-being; that I needed to add fun to my life again and do more of the things I loved!

Now I was healthy, happy and enjoying my job again, yeh!  But as the years passed, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t living my passion and purpose in life.

I’ve now discovered my passion and purpose through coaching, as a mindset coach.

I made this discovery in my late thirties after some soul searching.   By looking within and understanding what brought me to the point of burnout, I recognised that often I had fallen into some jobs, without too much consideration of whether I really wanted to do it and often let other people's ideas of success influence my decisions.

Let’s just say the universe has some interesting ways of giving you the answers when you ask the right question. So what was my passion?  What was my purpose?  I listened to my intuition, made changes and designed the life I wanted, rather than living it by default. 

Now I work, live, love and play with purpose and abandonment and have the privilege of earning a living by helping others do the same.  This is what success means to me. When I stopped to listen to my intuition, I could move forward in the confidence that success would come and this is what I tell my clients.  Trust your intuition and success will follow.

What sets my soul on fire is mentoring and coaching others so they can magnify their own talents and realise and share their impact.  And the best bit?  There are transformative tools out there that work!

I am a work in progress. Transformative coaching has taught me that.

But I know from experience that you can change too. You can transform into the person you know you are meant to be. To craft a life by design, not default.

Are you ready to make that change? Are you ready to take the first step?

It’s not easy but so worth it.  Let’s transform together!

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